Carbon Capture & Storage [CCS]

CO2  is the primary greenhouse gas. It is naturally present in the atmosphere, but the concentration of CO2 is greatly increased by human activities. The gas is released through the combustion of fossil fuels, through transport, electricity generation and industrial activities, but also through land-use changes.

To reduce CO2 emissions from industrial processes, various carbon capture and storage technologies exist under the umbrella term Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS). These technologies allow us to selectively capture CO2 from waste gases and then transport it to a geological storage facility (>6,500 ft underground), thus permanently isolating it from the atmosphere. Heat and cooling are required in both the carbon capture process and the compression and transport of CO2 .

Our intelligent air-cooled process equipment is indispensable for this, while the Wilton Heat Transfer Service SMART maintenance contract guarantees optimum cooling capacity.