Our product range is built around the translation of specific customer requirements and wishes for the maintenance and / or improvement of heat-exchanging process equipment.

We do this in the following categories:

Spare Parts

In addition to supplying heat-exchanging process equipment, we also provide and supply spare parts for all manufacturers. Spare parts can include: Tubes, Plugs, Seal ring, gaskets, Studbolts and nuts, Fans, Rotating parts (pulley, taperlock, V-belts, HTD), POP plugs

Shell & Tube heat exchanger

Our TEMA Class R C B Heat Exchangers are the most common type of heat exchangers that are used in oil refineries, large chemical processes, power stations and other industrial applications, as they are suited for higher-pressure applications.


Forced and Induced-type fan units play an important role in the cooling capacity of any Air-Cooled Cooler. Depending on the conditions we can supply a wide range of fan units, securing an optimum airside design of your air-cooled heat exchangers.

Air cooled coolers

Wilton Heat Transfer Services is specialized in the thermal and mechanical engineering and manufacturing of Air-Cooled Coolers and Condensers for industrial processes. We offer various designs and materials. Construction is in accordance with all the most common internal standards. Our Wilton API 661 Air-Cooled Coolers can be found in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industry as well as in Power & Energy stations.