Maintenance services

Our maintenance services include full-scale servicing of heat exchange equipment to ensure both the optimal functioning as well as durable reliability of your industrial installations.

Our maintenance activities include:

  • • Maintenance of fan units (rotating)
  • • Maintenance of pressure parts (static)
  • • Cleaning of air cooler bundles
  • • Gasket surface repair
  • • Re-tubing
  • • Integrity inspections

Would you like to take the next step in increasing the reliability of your installation(s)? Then please contact us, we are more than happy to inform you about the possibilities.

Maintenance of fan units (rotating)

Maintaining and thus optimal performance of your fan units that are part of your air-cooled cooler / ACC. This can vary from corrective maintenance such as a blade repair, to preventive maintenance such as a visual inspection of the bearing unit, to a performance inspection of the entire fan unit from A to Z.

Maintenance of pressure parts (static)

Maintaining the pressure-retaining parts of heat exchangers is of course also a specialty of Wilton. From in-house thermal and mechanical engineering to inspections and detecting leaks, we offer you all the necessary solutions.

External cleaning of air cooler bundles

Since clean bundles are high performing bundles, this is an essential part of maintaining your air coolers. Our method by means of dry cleaning is a proven success in terms of performance, safety and efficiency.

Gasket surface repair

A specialist knows the difference between good quality and not quite. With years of in-house experience (100+ years), Wilton is your supplier when it comes to repairing gasket surfaces.


We re-tub all different types & brands of heat exchangers, both on-site and in-house. We understand better than anyone the issues that arise during re-tubing. We respond to this with our various offices and short communication lines. We are also your partner for issues arising from this, such as design change due to leakage, for example.

Integrity inspections

In order to guarantee safety and process management, it is very important to clearly map the integrity of heat exchangers and air-cooled coolers.

Wilton can use various inspection techniques to map the integrity of your heat exchangers and provide advice on how to extend their lifespan.

A selection of our inspection techniques are:

    • • Non-destructive testing
    • • Visual inspections
    • • Camera inspections
    • • Thermal imaging camera inspection for, among other things, determining “hotspots”.