Sustainability services

Our sustainability services aim to get the maximum energetic/exergetic return from your existing installation(s). To this end, we have three possibilities:

  • • Deployment of improved technology such as heat pumps, more efficient fans, and/or optimized thermal designs
  • • Reuse of (residual) heat
  • • Steam converters so steam can be delivered to third parties

Would you like to take the next step in making your installation(s) more sustainable? Please contact us, we will be more than happy to inform you about the possibilities.

Optimized thermal designs

An air-cooled cooler or heat exchanger is designed at a fixed design point. This design point can shift over the years due to different product composition, fluctuations in the process or increased throughput. We provide support with the analysis of the current performance and the possibilities for sustainability. We research, advise and offer the intended solution turn-key with the accompanying guarantees for the highest efficiency.

By reusing residual heat from the industry internally or externally, this residual heat is reused to make parts of the process more sustainable. How the residual heat can be utilized strongly depends on the capacities, temperatures and the heat requirement and availability of residual heat. We provide solutions in which residual heat is used directly or with the help of an industrial heat pump.

Exchanging steam with third parties is one of the options for making the industry more sustainable. In almost all cases, the supplier and the customer have different criteria for the steam quality. In order to transfer only the energy and no further interaction of the internal process, we provide the design and delivery of steam-steam generators.